Burger Rush

Burger Rush

Burger Rush 3.3 is a game where you have to run burger restaurants

Burger Rush 3.3 is a game where you have to run burger restaurants.
Controlling the chef Heidi, you´ll have to create the perfect burger at five restaurants.

You´ll have to prepare your customers´ order cooking the burgers, and adding theme cheese, tomatoes and other fixings in groups of three or more. You´ll get more money if your clients are satisfied, so it´s important to keep them happy. For that reason, between levels, you can visit the Burger Shop to get new recipes, upgrade your equipment, or stock up on treats to keep your patrons patient.

You have to prepare the recipes with the ingredients that you can get out of the board. You´ll do that by joining groups of three or more identical ingredients, that will be added to your waiting orders. Once an order is complete, the game will warn you saying "¡Burger ready!", then you must give the order to the customer, who will pay for it.

You will have some special ingredients, like microwaves (they will add a row of ingredients to your order) and tokens, needed to buy upgrades.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a very challenging game, with nice sound and graphics


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